Abstract submission deadline is on Wednesday, 15 April
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Theme Outlines

Thank you for your interest in participating to IDRiM 2020!

Following the success of previous IDRiM conferences, this annual event has become a prominent forum for all professions involved in integrated disaster risk management to present their work, debate on current challenges and practices, and “drim” about the future!

The overarching theme of IDRiM 2020 will be “data driven approaches to disaster risk management“. Submissions with a key focus on data, data assimilation and integration, modelling and analytics are particularly encouraged. The emerging areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the context of integrated disaster management are also highly relevant.

Disaster risk management presents unique challenges that require truly multi-disciplinary perspectives and contributions emphasizing such aspects are most welcome.

A suggested list of relevant topics that will be discussed at the conference is provided below. We look forward to receiving your submission and welcoming you in Kyoto!

▢ Social and Behavioural aspects
▢ Climate change and its impact
▢ Natech, Natural-Hazard-Triggered Technological Accidents
▢ Early warning systems
▢ Community engagement and communication
▢ Economic aspects
▢ Compound/cascading disasters (simultaneous and/or co-located) and Mega-disasters
▢ Practical applications of Integrated Disaster Risk Management
▢ Resilience and Vulnerability
▢ Scientific evidence-based decision-making, modelling and analytics
▢ Cross-disciplinary challenges for integrated disaster risk management
▢ Archiving and knowledge management
▢ Connecting observed data and disaster risk management decision-making

Special Session Proposal (SSP) and Workshop Proposal (WP)

Please submit your special session and workshop proposals including title, rationale for the session, and tentative list of speakers to:

Prof. Ana Maria Cruz at: anamaria@drs.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Copied to: Ms. Ayuna Mathews, IDRiM Secretariat at: matthews.ayuna.5n@kyoto-u.ac.jp

General Information

Language of Submission
All abstracts must be submitted in English only.

Review and Notification to Authors
All completed abstracts will be reviewed. You will be informed by email of the acceptance status of your abstract by 15 April 2020.

All presenters are required to register and pay the Conference registration fee in order to be included in the program and to present on site. Registration and payment of registration fee by presenters of accepted abstracts must be completed no later than 20 September 2020.

By submitting an abstract, authors agree to publication.

Oral presentations will be included within topical sessions of the official Conference program.

Posters will be on display in dedicated poster sessions. Posters will be in printed format. Poster size will be confirmed with acceptance.